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There are 4 types of Armor available. There are Boots, Helmet (or leather cap), Leggings (or leather pants), and Chestplate (or leather tunic). Each is crafted from 1 of 5 different materials, which are is ranked leather, gold, chain*, iron, and diamond. Each type and material will provide a different armor level. A full set of leather armor will give 3 1/2 of armor points; gold will give 5 1/2 of armor; chain will give you 6 armor points; iron will give 7 1/2 armor; and diamond will give all 10 armor points.
  • (Note: Material is "flame block" therefore can only be obtained through creative or trading with a villager)

Armor Level by Material and Type


Boots         1/2 armor
Cap           1/2 armor
Pants           1 armor
Tunic       1-1/2 armor


Boots         1/2 armor
Helmet          1 armor
Leggings    1-1/2 armor
Chestplate  2-1/2 armor


Boots           1/2 armor
Helmet          1 armor
Leggings        2 armor
Chestplate      2 1/2 armor


Boots           1 armor
Helmet          1 armor
Leggings    2-1/2 armor
Chestplate      3 armor


Boots       1-1/2 armor
Helmet      1-1/2 armor
Leggings        3 armor
Chestplate      4 armor

Note: You will need 24 pieces of a material to make a full set of armor.


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  • Gold is one of the weakest elements in the game. Armor made of gold will deplete quickly.
  • Diamond Armor is very expensive to craft as 24 diamonds are required to craft a full set of diamond armor.
  • Occasionally, pieces of armor can be found in chests from generated structures. This saves some crafting for the player.