Beds are a block in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition which allows the player to sleep anywhere they want (except The Nether and The End). When a player sleeps in a bed, it becomes their new spawn point and the time fast-forwards to morning. When a world is in multiplayer, all players must be in beds for the time to skip to morning. The bed has a red cover and white pillow. The player can move their head around but only other players can see this happening. As of TU8, you can only sleep in the bed if there are no Mobs nearby. If an attempt is made to sleep with a mob nearby, the player will get the message, "You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby". The other players will also get a message telling them when another player is sleeping.


  • If you destroy your bed you slept on and you die, your spawn point will be reset to the original spawn in the world.
  • Beds explode in The Nether, and The End. with a similar blast radius as a TNT explosion. The reason for the explosion is to prevent the player from setting the spawn point in The Nether and The End.
  • Sometimes, if there is only 1-2 blocks of height above the player, they can respawn after sleeping with their head in the block.