Biomes are the different landscapes found in the Minecraft world. These include Grassland, Forest, Swamp, Desert, Extreme Hills, Mushroom Islands, Taiga, Tundra, and Ocean Biomes.


Minecraft grassland

Flat area of an extreme hill biome

Grassland Biomes are generally the 2nd  most common Biome, consisting of wide plains with no trees and light green grass, but being the easiest to find Passive mobs (cow, pig act.) in. Villages can sometimes spawn in a Grassland because of the flatness of the biome.


Minecraft Forest

Forest Biome

Forest Biomes consist of almost entirely trees, with watering holes scattered across and are the most common biome. Forest Biomes contain more Passive mobs than any other landscape (excluding Grassland).


Minecraft Marsh

Swamp Biome

Swamp Biomes are similar to Forest Biomes, with the exception of a much larger amount of water, and the grass and leaves of the trees changing to a darker color. This biome also includes vines and Lilly pads and witch huts.


Minecraft Desert

Desert Biome

Desert Biomes are by far one of the most unforgiving biomes in Minecraft. Desert biomes do not contain trees, only dead shrubs, Cacti, and usually 1-2 Villages (depending on size of desert). Deserts also usually have many Oasis'. While there are no trees it is still possible to plant and grow them without any water.

Extreme Hills

Minecraft Extreme Hills

Extreme Hills Biome

Extreme Hills biomes are dangerous, in that they contain many cliff falls, proving unfriendly to an easily distracted player. Extreme Hills Biomes can generate trees, and may spawn rare ores near the base of any mountain, making them prime targets for Strip Mining. Emerald ores can be found deep underground in this biome. Other ores can be found on the side of the mountains.

Mushroom Islands

Minecraft Mushroom Island

Mushroom Island Biome

Mushroom Island are rare Biomes that usually spawn within Ocean Biomes. They contain Mooshrooms, Mycelium, and Giant Mushrooms.


Minecraft Taiga

Taiga Biome

Taiga Biomes are large, snow covered biomes with Spruce trees, and frozen water holes. Taiga Biomes are Difficult to farm in without high amounts of light to melt snow and ice.

Minecraft Tundra

Tundra Biome

Tundra Biomes are harsh landscapes that are similar to Taiga biomes, but have little to no trees. There are few resources the player can live off. Because of this, Tundra Biomes are one of the most difficult biomes to survive in. 


MInecraft Ocean

Ocean Biome

Ocean biomes are infamous for being the absolute most difficult landscape to survive in. Ocean Biomes are almost entirely water, and contain little to no land to build or survive on, inspiring the survival Minigame, Survival Island, in which players use a world seed that spawns the player on a small island with one tree. Oceans occasionally contain archipelagos.


  • The Survival Island seed for Xbox 360 is "HARDCORE".
  • On the Xbox 360 Edition (before TU14) when trying to enter the word "biome" onto a sign it will automatically censor it.
  • while being the hardest biome to survive in the ocean biome is the safest as the only mob is the squid.