Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Wiki


A Bow is a weapon that is used to attack players and mobs at a distance. Skeletons wield this weapon. A bow is a handy weapon for killing creepers.


To craft a bow you need 3 sticks and 3 string.


The bow may be enchanted to have the following:

  • Unbreaking (1-3) Makes last longer than normal
  • Power (1-5) Adds more power to the bow (25% increase per level)
  • Flame (1-1) Sets arrow and whatever mob is hit by arrow on fire, However they cannot set buildings, blocks, etc on fire. (TNT will be lit if hit)
  • Punch (1-2) Mobs and Players are knocked back further
  • Infinity (1-1) As long as you have one arrow in your inventory you will never run out of arrows 


  • Arrows shot through lava will be set on fire and have the same effect as an arrow lit by flame I
  • Arrows shot with an infinity bow cannot be picked up
  • Arrows can set off redstone devices like pressure plates and buttons
  • When charged up the bow does the same if not more damage than a diamond sword