150px-Blue Spider 2

Cave Spiders are mobs that are only found in Abandoned Mineshafts. They spawn in mob spawners which are surrounded by lots of Cobwebs. Cave spiders are smaller than normal spiders and can fit through 1x1 block holes. They are poisonous and their venom does health damage in addition to the bite. When killed, cave spiders drop 0-1 spider eyes and 0-2 string. Cave Spiders can fit through 1/2 spaces,(slabs) unlike normal spiders. They are also unaffected by the slowness of the cobwebs. Unlike normal spiders, cave spiders cannot become a jockey.


Tips & tricks

  • Bring milk, as it nullifies all effects; especially the poison.
  • When walking through Cobwebs, the player will be slowed down significantly, so make sure you don't walk into a large bunch of them or stumble into them while running from a mob, especially Creepers. The Cave Spiders, however, aren't affected by the cobwebs.
  • The Mob Spawner is covered in Cobwebs, so bring shears or a sword to make sure that you don't get stuck. If you happen to get stuck, destroy the cobwebs as fast as possible otherwise you may get killed by the cave spiders, or any other mob.
  • Cave spider poison won't kill the player but will leave the player with a minimum of 1/2 heart leaving you vulnerable to attacks.
  • Cave Spiders are one of the most dangerous hostile mobs since they can poison the player, are unaffected by cobwebs, and spawn in groups.