First Appearance First edition of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Type of Mob Hostile
Health 15 hp (7 and a half hearts)
Spawn Light Level of 7 or less
Attack Depends on Proximity and Difficulty
Drops Gunpowder 0-1
Music Disk (if shot by Skeleton
Experience Points 5

The Creeper was not originally in the game design, but was accidentally created by Notch in a coding error with a pig. Creepers move silently around making no sound, except when upon attack, they make a hissing sound. They can see from 16 blocks away and take 3 hits from a Diamond Sword, 3 from a Gold Sword, 4 from an Iron Sword, 4 from Stone Sword, and 5 from a Wooden Sword to kill. 3 Arrows will also kill it. Creepers leave a crater around 1/3 the size of TNT except if it explodes in water because water is very bomb-resistant. The explosion will still damage the player though, most likely kill the player if they don't have any armor.

Tips & Tricks

  • If there is a waterfall and you're on the other side and a creeper blows up, no damage will be dealt to you.
  • Creepers move to the left when they are about to blow up.
  • Use the Guerrilla warfare tactic, where you attack then back away, attack then back away.
  • Be cautious if you are building at night, Creepers move silently upon your structures.
  • Using bows will greatly bring the threat level of a Creeper lower.
  • If encountering a creeper underground or in a tunnel, dig a 2 deep hole between you and it. So long as your hole is not passable on either side, the creeper will not be able to reach you to detonate, but will still be in melee range.
  • build a strong base with iron doors so it'll be harder!

Skin Packs

The Creeper is featured in Skin Pack 1 but has arms unlike the real Creeper. It is also in the Festive Skin Pack where it has Christmas clothes. In both Skin Pack 4 and the Birthday Skin Pack, it has a tuxedo with the exception of a party hat for the birthday.


  • A Creeper explosion is not as powerful as TNT, unless it is a charged creeper, in which case the explosion is nearly twice as powerful
  • If a Creeper is struck by lightning it will become a charged creeper which does double the damage. The "super charged" creepers glow blue and are the rarest mob in the game. The explosion power is double that of a normal creeper. One hit can kill you, even if you have armor
  • A group of Creepers is called a "Cataclysm"
  • Unlike TNT, Creepers do not cause a "chain reaction"
  • It is unknown why Creepers run from Ocelots
  • After several updates, the Al of a creeper has greatly increased. They are now faster and smarter.

Gunpowder is dropped by creepers

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