Image Achievement Name: Delicious Fish
Delicious Fish Difficulty: Medium Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (Xbox 360)
Achievement Description: Catch and Cook a Fish!
Value: 15Gamerscore Secret: No Online: Yes/No

Delicious Fish


Cook a fish in a furnace.

Achievement Guide

Craft a Fishing Rod from 3 sticks and 2 string, then use the fishing rod on a large pool of water. Open the "Tools" tab of the inventory and you'll be able to craft it.

Sticks can be crafted out of four wood planks of any wood source, and is second nature to experienced Minecrafters and were one of the first craft-able items available in Minecraft.

Currently, there are two official ways to obtain string. Spiders are one source, as they drop string as they are killed, and Cobwebs found in Abandoned Mineshafts. You will usually need to kill four or five spiders to get enough string, but if you get lucky it could only take one.

To catch a fish, utilize the right-trigger to cast the hook into the water. Once the "bait" lands into water, watch it until it slightly dips into the water, once you notice this, re-use the right-trigger to retract the hook and if you were fast enough, a fish would have flung towards you.

There is an infinite amount of fish in the ocean, but fishing rods have limited durability. Once you have at least one fish, put the caught fish inside a furnace like so:

Input= Raw Fish
Output= Cooked Fish

When it's done, you'll have a cooked fish and the achievement.


  1. Getting Wood: Required material for sticks.
  2. Benchmarking: Fishing Rod can only be crafted on a Crafting Table.
  3. Monster Hunter: The easiest way to obtain string is killing Spiders.