This article is about the solid Blocks of Diamond. For the ore, see Diamond Ore. For the gem, see Diamond.

Block of Diamond
A Diamond Block is a special block crafted from 9 diamonds. It is crafted for compact diamond storage or for cosmetic decoration. They currently serve no crafting purpose, but they are there to function only as a decorative block and as a means of storing diamonds in a compact fashion. Diamond blocks can only be mined successfully with an Iron or Diamond Pickaxe. They use the same texture on all six sides. The Block of Diamond is one of the more difficult items to acquire in-game, seeing as it is comprised of Diamonds which are themselves a rare mineral in itself.


To craft a Diamond Block, you must get 9 diamond gems. Then you need to go to a Crafting Table. Once on the Crafting Table, go across to the decorations tab and use the diamonds to create a Diamond Block. It can also be "un-crafted" back to 9 diamonds.