First Appearance TU5
Type of Mob Neutral
Health 40 hp (20 hearts)
Spawn Overworld
The End
Attack Easy: 4 hp (2 hearts)
Normal: 7 hp (3 and a half)
Hard: 10 hp (5 hearts)
Drops Ender Pearl - 0-1
Experience Points 5 xp

An Enderman is a neutral mob unless looked at or attacked. It is 3 blocks high and can teleport to you if you look aggravate it. It also leaves a purple haze similar to the Nether Portal. If defeated, it often drops Ender pearls. It is the only other mob besides the Ender dragon that is found in The End. It also has a animation when it is attacked, where it sometimes shakes. You can make an Eye of Ender by combining Blaze powder with an Ender Pearl. The Eye of Ender can be used to find strongholds and can be placed in the End portal frame to activate the portal to get to The End. An Eye of Ender can also be used to create an Ender Chest using 8 blocks of obsidian and 1 Eye of Ender.



  • 0-1 Enderpearls

Tips & Tricks

  •  Wearing a pumpkin on your head will make you able to stare at it without it being provoked.
  • Hitting its legs repeatedly makes it unable to teleport.


  • It may be created after a real life Urban Legend Slender man. They are both tall and have similar names.
  • Endermen take damage when touching water.
  • Snow Golems can de-anger Endermen with snowballs.
  • They are the only mobs that can pick up blocks.
  • If being chased by a Enderman you can lead it to Water to make it go away (most usefully if you don't have a sword or weapon)
  • Enderman can pick up TNT. If the TNT is primed however, the Enderman will drop. In some cases if the blast hits the Enderman, it will become hostile.

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