Experience Orbs can be obtained from mining, killing Mobs and players, breeding, and smelting ores.


Experience Orb
Gathering Experience Points increases the player's experience level by filling the Experience Bar at the bottom of the screen until the player levels up and the bar starts again on a new level. Experience points will not be dropped by Mobs unless they are killed by the player or at first injured by them and then killed by something else. Experience points will float towards the player when they are 2-3 blocks away. Experience points can come from mining Coal, Lapis Lazuli, Redstone, Diamonds, and cooking food. And using Bottle's o' Experience which are collected by trading with Villagers. Points from mining Iron and Gold Ores are only acquired when they are smelted in the Furnace. Mobs will drop a random amount of Orbs which are always different in value.


  • When enchanting, the experience levels used to come from your actual level and not from your experience point total.
  • Experience Orbs will drop from a Mob if it dies within 5 seconds of being hit by the player. This means you could knock a Mob of a cliff to easily get the Experience Points.