Food consists of various consumable items that can be hunted, crafted, or found throughout the game. Eating the items (pressing LT) will fill up your food bar, which is represented by pictures sometimes referred to as "shanks". Each shank is worth two hunger points .

Table of Foods

Food Name Points Source(s)
Raw Beef 3 hunger points Cows
Steak 8 hunger points Cooking raw beef in furnace, Setting cows on fire
Raw Porkchop 3 hunger points Pigs
Cooked Porkchop 8 hunger points Cooking raw pork in furnace, Setting Pigs on fire
Raw Chicken 2 hunger points
30% chance of food poisoning
Cooked Chicken 6 hunger points Cooking raw chicken in furnace, Setting chickens on fire
Raw Fish 2 hunger points Fishing
Cooked Fish 5 hunger points Cooking raw fish in furnace
Bread 5 hunger points Crafting, Crafting Table, Dungeon Chests, Stronghold Chests, NPC Village Chests, Mineshaft Chests, Bonus Chests
Cake 2 hunger points per piece
12 points total
Crafting Table
Cookie 1 hunger point Crafting Table
Golden Apple 10 hunger points Crafting Table, Dungeon Chests, Stronghold Chests
Melon Slice 2 hunger points Farming
Mushroom Stew 6 hunger points Crafting Table
Apple 4 hunger points Stronghold Chests, Destroyed oak leaves, NPC Village Chests, Bonus Chest
Rotten Flesh 4 hunger points
80% chance of food poisoning
Zombies, Zombie Pigmen
Spider Eye 2 hunger point
100% chance of food poisoning
Spiders, Spider Jockeys

Gallery of Food Items


Raw porkchop


Cooked porkchop

Images (1

Mushroom Stew


Bread crafted from wheat


A single cookie


A fully crafted cake

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