A Furnace is a block used to smelt/cook objects to create them into other objects. E.g. Smelting sand in a furnace will create glass whereas smelting an ore, Iron for example, will create an Iron Ingot. Furnaces are thought of as a block needed in Survival Mode in order to progress.


In a furnace, you can cook Food, smelt Ores, Sand, Clay, and Cobblestone into other materials, or smelt Wood into charcoal.


There are a lot of different items you can use to cook/smelt with, some of which you will be very suprised to see. These are:

  • Wooden tools
  • Wooden pressure plates
  • Note Blocks
  • Lava Buckets


There are 3 Achievements that are achieved with a Furnace, these are 'Hot Topic' which is achieved by making one with 8 Cobblestone, 'Delicious Fish' which is achieved by catching and cooking a Fish and 'Acquire Hardware' which is achieved by smelting Iron Ore into an Iron Ingot.

Tips & Tricks

  • 8 Coal or Charcoal will smelt an entire stack of 64 items whereas it takes 43 wooden planks to smelt a stack of 64 items.
  • A single bucket of Lava will smelt 100 blocks so place a stack of 64 blocks in the Furnace, return 6 minutes and 30 seconds later to remove 64 blocks and add another 36 blocks.
  • If you have no torches then use a Furnace to light up an area, you can cook Wood in a Furnace so you can make some charcoal to use as a fuel to make torches.
    • Furnaces also produce a light level by themselves while smelting.


  • Smelting an Iron or Gold in a Furnace will give you a random amount of Experience Points. The same is true for fish.
  • Despite Paper being a burnable source in the real world, it cannot be burned in a Furnace, probably because it burns so quick and makes a small flame in real life.