Image Achievement Name: Getting Wood
Getting Wood Difficulty: Very Easy Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (Xbox 360)
Achievement Description: Punch a tree until the block of wood pops out.
Value: 10Gamerscore Secret: No Online: Yes/No

Getting Wood


Harvest a tree's blocks.

Achievement Guide

One of the two easiest achievements in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (on par with Taking Inventory), and likely the first achievement to be completed by any Minecrafter who has joined a Survival mode world.

To complete this achievement criteria, simply locate a tree of any kind, and approach it and continuously hit left trigger until it is switched into item form. When it does, the achievement will unlock and an easy 10 Gamerscore is awarded.

This achievement is unmissable unless the player only utilizes Creative mode or only participates in worlds whereas achievement and leaderboard statistics are disallowed.