Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Wiki
Golden Apple
First Appearance First edition of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Type Food
Restores 2 Hunger bars
Cookable No
Stackable? Yes (64)

Golden Apple is a form of Apple and therefore Food in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.


It can be used as food as it will restore 2 bars of the Hunger Meter. It can also be used to cure Zombie Villagers and turn them back into normal Villagers. To "cure" a Zombie Villager, first through a Splash Potion of Weakness onto it and while it is under its weakening affects, use a Golden Apple on it. After about 3 minutes, the Zombie Villager will turn back into a normal Villager. It can also give a few seconds of Regeneration.


Golden Apples can appear seldomly inside of chests in DungeonsStrongholds and Abandoned Mineshafts.