First Appearance TU19
Type of Mob passive
Health 15 -30 HP
Spawn Plains Biome
Attack none
Drops 0-2 Leather
Experience Points Kill Adult: 1–3
Breeding: 1–7

Horses are tamable mobs in Minecraft that spawn in the Plains biome. There are 35 variants of horses.



All horse breeds as of TU19.

There are 7 base colors of horses, being white, buckskin, dark bay, bay, black, dapple gray, and flaxen chestnut. The horses can have 5 coat markings, being markings, stockings and blaze, snowflake appaloosa, paint and sooty. In all, there are 35 variations in coat color and marking. Each horse has a foal (baby) version. Tamed horses do not change their appearance like wolves and ocelots, but tamed horses can be differentiated by giving them saddles and/or horse armor.

Horses naturally spawn in groups of 2 to 6 in Plains biomes. All horses in the same group will have the same base color, but will have varied markings. Spawning horses using a spawn egg will result in a random color and marking.


Horses will roam idly, occasionally stopping to swoosh their tails or eat grass, but unlike sheep, the grass eating motion does not cause the grass to revert back to dirt. When approached by a player, the horse will look at them. Attempting to ride a wild horse will result in being bucked off.


With an empty hand mount the horse repeatedly. When it no longer bucks the player and shows hearts, it is tamed. Taming is required to give the horse any equipment, breed it, or ride it for any reasonable amount of time.