Minecraft Health BAr

The Health Meter (left) and the Food Bar (right).

Hunger and the Food Bar (sometimes referred to as the "Hunger Bar") are actually two different aspects of the game programming. However, they are closely related. Hunger is the calculation of a player's exhaustion level and food saturation, neither of which is visible to the player. This calculation determines when your character will start depleting food from the food bar.

The food bar is a visual display of how full your character is, represented by "shanks". Another way to look at the food bar is your energy reserves. As a player eats certain Foods, their shanks will increase based on the food points (1 point=1/2 shank) of that food.

Effects of the Food Bar

A player's food bar has a relationship with their health meter.

Well Fed

When a player's food bar is at or above 9 shanks, their health bar will begin to regenerate at a rate of 1 health point (1/2 heart) every 1.5 seconds.


On the other hand, if a player's hunger bar is empty, the player is starving and will lose 1 health point at the same rate.

Food Poisoning

The player can be poisoned by eating certain foods. This is indicated by a greenish tint of the shanks on the hunger bar. Once a player is food poisoned, their food bar will begin to deplete due to their hunger. This could eventually cause the Health Meter to begin to deplete.

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