This policy is to be followed by all users on the Wiki. Failing to follow this policy will result in a block.

All contributors must follow these rules for the sake of the wiki, and its users.

  • You must be 13 or over to edit on this Wiki and other Wiki's. Those under 13 need to get an Admins aprovral.
  • No Vandalism.
  • No Sockpuppetry.
  • No Inappropriate Content or Language.
  • Assume that the other editors on the Wiki mean well.
  • Be Civil with others. No personal attacks, unnecassary abusive language, patronizing behavior, etc.
  • Usernames must follow the Username Policy. Deliberatly offensive, misleading or otherwise problematic usernames may be blocked at the discretion of any Admin.
  • Ownership: This Wiki is a public domain and no one owns anything. If you post anything here, expect it to be edited mercilessly.
  • Edit Wars will result in the warred over article being temporarily locked.
  • Minecraft: Xbox 360/Playstation Edition Wiki has certain steps on what to do during a Dispute.
  • No Fanfiction or Myth content. If you want to edit that type of stuff, go to the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Fanon Wiki.
  • Do not call Gold, Butter or Budder. You will be blocked for 2 days for spam!