Mycelium is a special form of grass which serves as farmland for natural mushrooms and a suburbia for Mooshrooms.

When Red or Brown mushrooms are placed atop this block, it will grow at a faster rate. Similar to dirt, if bone meal is applied to a mushroom on Mycelium, it will turn into a giant mushroom; a larger version of the original mushroom. When mined, it will split into a normal dirt block, unless an enchanted tool with Silk Touch is used to mine it, where then it will split as the Mycelium block.


  • Mycelium spreads by placing it next to bare dirt.
  • They are only found on their own biome islands, or the Mushroom Island.
  • They are the only block capable of spawning mooshrooms.
  • Mycelium is the only block that releases particles on it's own.