First Appearance First edition of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Type of Mob Hostile
Health 20 (10 hearts)
Spawn Overworld: Light level of 7 or less
Nether: Nether Fortresses in light level 7 or less
Attack Easy 1 (half a heart)
Normal 2 (1 heart)
Hard 4 (2 hearts)
Drops Bone - 1
Experience Points 5

Skeletons are a hostile mob in Minecraft. They burn in the sunlight and their only attack is shooting arrows at the player. They can see up to 16 blocks and can spawn in light level 7 or lower or through monster spawners.


When killed, skeletons drop 0-2 bones and 0-2 arrows. They may also, very rarely, drop a bow. When equipped, then may also drop pumpkins, mob heads or armor( this is uncommon,however, so keep your diamond armor away from them-unless you want to sacrifice the armor).


  • If they're hidden by a block but their legs are exposed they are very easy to kill as they shoot arrows from what appears to be their head.
  • You can rush them but a group of them is best left alone due to the amount of fire the player can come under.
  • Skeletons cannot fire above a 1.5 block high wall (i.e. a 1 block high wall with slabs).
  • If a Skeleton kills a Creeper, the Creeper will drop a Music Disc. This can be difficult to do however as the Creeper may self destruct on the Skeleton most of the time. As such, you should damage the creeper first, so the skeleton's arrow will immediately kill the creeper. The most effective way to do this would be to build a mob sorter as part of a spawner (the platform variety, not the cage-looking variety), and put one skeleton from it in spot 1, and have it where it can shoot at you through spot 2, which is where you send the creepers. Poison them then let the skeleton shoot at you when they stop taking poison damage. Make sure none of them can move from where they are.
  • Sometimes a player can see the skeleton fighting another mob because the skeleton fired and accidentally hit a mob.

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