Snow Golem
First Appearance TU7
Type of Mob Passive
Health 4 HP (2 Hearts)
Spawn A Pumpkin on top of two Blocks of Snow
Attack Throws Snowballs
Drops Snowballs 0-15
Experience Points None

Snow Golems are a friendly Utility Mob. These mobs can only be spawned by the player by placing a pumpkin on top of two Snow Blocks (see "Creation"). When made they will roam the landscape and throw snowballs at any hostile mob. They have a very low health and can be killed in one hit from a sword. Snow Golems will attack Creepers, so take care when placing them around your structures.


To create a Snow Golem, the player places 2 Snow Blocks on top of each other, and then a pumpkin on top of that. Pistons cannot make Snow Golems, as they cannot push pumpkins. An Enderman can create a Snow Golem by placing the blocks, although this is an extremely rare exception.


Snow Golems throw snowballs at enemy mobs, though this does no damage (unless it is a blaze or an Enderdragon), making it a basically suicidal act. Snow Golems attract enemies but do not follow the player, making them a good way to lure hostiles into traps. Snow Golems have good paving skills, and will not jump into lava or off a cliff. Snow Golems 'melt' (take damage) when in the desert, The Nether or when in rain or water.


A possible use for Snow Golems is to have them as a renewable source of snow, as they leave a trail of it when they walk. You can also trap them in a fence so they can't wander away. 


  • You can see the inside of the Snow Golems head if you are standing on the same block as them. 
  • You can use Jack-o-lanterns instead of a regular pumpkin to make them, but it will not change their appearance or statistics.