Soul Sand

Soul Sand is a type of block found only in The Nether that makes Mobs and the player walk slower. It appears to be covered in ghostly faces and/or skulls. It is found usually near large bodies of Lava but can sometimes be found in caverns, similarly to how Dirt and Gravel is found in caves in the Overworld. It is best to use a Shovel to mine up Soul sand.


Soul sand is used for planting Nether Wart for use in Potions. It can also be used to slow down mobs to give the player a chance to get out a weapon to fight it with.


  • Mobs like Zombies and Skeletons won't burn in daylight if spawned on Soul Sand.
  • Putting Ice under Soul Sand will make the player even slower.
  • Silverfish may suffocate in Soul Sand due to Soul Sands' sink effect.