Squids are passive mobs that spawn in oceans or large rivers. Squids are the only current water mob in the game. They are a renewable source of Ink Sacs.


Squids are not affected by current, which means they can swim up waterfalls and up rapids. They are attracted to light. 


Squids drop 0-3 ink sacks when killed.


  • There was once a glitch where if you put squids up high on a block and pushed them they would fly and be invincible
  • They can destroy boats, but will not do so on purpose.
  • They will spawn anywhere regardless of the light level.
  • They are the only mob in Xbox that will remain visible for a few seconds after death.

Skin Pack

A Squid Man is one of the skins in Skin Pack 1. A party squid man is available in the Birthday Skin Pack.