Steve is the main playable character of Minecraft. When you first purchase Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, your default character will be Steve (as long as you haven't already bought a Skin Pack), one of the mascots of Minecraft (the other being the Creeper). Steve has brown hair, dark blue eyes, a light blue shirt, blue jeans, and gray shoes.

Skin types

With the Default Skin Pack, Steve can be a few other characters. The following are these characters.

Name Image Description Texture
Steve (Default) Steve-Default Default player skin. Char
Tennis Steve Steve-Tennis A blond Steve in a tennis outfit and a sweatband. Char2
Tuxedo Steve Steve-Tuxedo Steve in a fancy-looking tuxedo. He has brown eyes. Char3
Athlete Steve Steve-Athlete A darker version of Steve with a sleeveless top, a gold medal necklace, and track pants. Char4
Scottish Steve Steve-Scottish Steve in a kilt with fancy hair and clothing. Char5
Prisoner Steve Steve-Prisoner Steve as an escapee from prison in a bright-colored, prison uniform. It seems as if he resembles an albino, with red eyes and white hair. Char6
Cyclist Steve Steve-Cyclist A Steve with bicycling shorts, a jacket, and shoes. Char7
Boxer Steve Steve-Boxer A Steve with boxing gloves, a belt with short shorts, no shirt, and fancy boots. Char8