Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Wiki
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A Sword is a craftable weapon in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. It serves as a weapon and a tool for players to use. It has various uses, such as attacking mobs (hostile or passive), Villagers and other players in the game. By holding LT (left-trigger), players can also parry an attack from Ghast fireballs or other hostile mob attacks. If a player prefers to do so, they can use the sword to destroy certain blocks, even though it isn't as efficent as other tools may be, such as the pickaxe. There are a number of different swords in the game, each of which has a unique durability and texture.
Material Bare hands Wood Gold Stone Iron Diamond
Durabilty 60 33 132 251 1562
Damage 1/2 Heart  2 Hearts 2 Hearts 2 1/2 Hearts 3 Hearts  3 1/2 Hearts
Approx. Number of Kills 12-15 6-8 33-44 62-83 520-781

Combat Use

A Sword is mainly used for short ranged combat. They are useful weapons to attack hostile mobs/players with, as they do not require arrows (like the Bow and Arrow) and are easy (material wise) to craft. A sword with a higher damage count is very effiecent during battle. It takes fewer hits to kill an enemy, thus allowing the player weilding the sword to take less damage. A good tactic to use with the Sword is to begin sprinting an enemy (this works best with creepers) and hit them. This will send the enemy flying a few blocks back, which can be useful in a handful of situations, especially against Creepers. 


There are several enchantments that can be done to a sword to improve its damage, counter, or speed. All enchantments require the Enchantment Table, which can be crafted via the Crafting Table.