Trinitrotoluene or TNT is a block that explodes when set off by Levers, Redstone, Fire, Flint and Steel, Pressure Plates, any explosions, including Creeper, and the fire from a Fire Charge. It is one of the most popular blocks in Minecraft. TNT is made with 5 gun powder and 4 sand. It's mainly used for mining. It is also one of the most popular griefing blocks, in which you play tricks on people. It will make a 5 by 5 crater when detonated. Gunpowder is obtained from killing Creepers or travelling to The Nether and killing a Ghast. It is recommended to hunt creepers as they are easier to get to and easier to get to and retrieve their drop as gunpowder from ghasts may drop into lava in The Nether. TNT is non-renewable because sand cannot be renewed.