Village 2

A Village is a group of buildings inhabited by Villagers. They can naturally appear anywhere in the world apart from underground. You could even find one on the extreme hills biome.


The following are the structures that make up a village.

Name Description Image
Wood Hut Wood Huts are made of Oak Wood and Oak Wooden Planks, with a rounded roof, dirt floor and glass panes for windows. Some have a fence post and pressure plate as a 'Table'. They may or may not be inhabited upon the village spawning but if they are then there will be only 1 Villager.
Wood Hut big roof
Small House Small houses are similar in size to wood huts, but made with more planks, fewer wood blocks and a cobblestone floor. There have flat roofs that may be fenced off and are able to be climbed up via ladders. They have no door so they don't count as homes for Villagers.
Small house
Large House Large Houses are composed of the same materials as small houses but obviously are much bigger. These can spawn 2-3 Villagers.
Large House
Butchers Shop Butchers shops have small seating areas made of wooden stairs with pressure plate tables inbetween them. There is stone slab tables nearby which is probably where he cuts the meat. There is also a fenced off backyard accessed via a door in the house.
Butchers Shop
Library Libraries are longer and narrower than normal buildings, and have a row of wooden stairs inside them that act as a bench with wooden fence post pressure plate tables in front of them. There is also a row of Bookshelves along the top of the wall and a Crafting Table in the corner. A Villager always spawns in the Library.
Farm Farms can come in 2 different sizes, small and large. Village farms grow Wheat, carrots, and potatoes
Well Wells are cobblestone and fence post structures with a 2x2 set of water in them that is about 10 blocks deep, although they are only 4 blocks deep in Superflat worlds. They are found in most Villages and sometimes all alone in deserts.
Blacksmith A blacksmith building is a wooden planks and cobblestone structure that contains lava and 2 Furnaces.
Church Churches are tall cobblestone structures containing cobblestone stairs and ladders to the top and a door.
Lamp Post A fence post, wool block and 4 torches on each side. Non
Gravel Path Gravel path Non
Desert Village Structures Made using sandstone, smooth sandstone, glass panes for windows sandstone stairs.
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