Water is one of the main blocks in Minecraft. It is a transparent block that the player can swim in. Squids can be found swimming in some parts of the water. The player can also go fishing and then, they can catch and cook that Fish. Doing so will get the player the "Delicious Fish" Achievement. Aside from swimming, the player can use a Boat to sail along the water. Lily Pads can also be found in water, mainly in Swamp Biomes. Also, Swamp water is a slightly murkier color to normal water that you would normally find. The only way the player can place water is using a bucket (unless using mods). As of Update 9, the player will be able to dispense water from Dispensers.


  • Water can seep through one block of dirt causing a drip underneath. This is a good indication of water above you when you are mining.
  • If you jump or fall from a high place into water, you will not die nor take damage.
    • This was not the case in the older versions of the game.
    • This is also not true of shallow water.
  • If you dive into a shallow piece of water (1-2 blocks deep) from a high area, perhaps a mountain, you have a chance of dying from the fall.
  • Using an empty bucket underwater creates a temporary air bubble that refills your air supply. Then just aim at a block to dump it out and reuse.
  • Water will destroy tall grass if it comes in contact.


Delicious Fish
Catch and Cook a fish!