150px-Zombie Pigman

A Zombie Pigman is a Neutral mob that is armed with a Golden Sword and is only found in The Nether and sometimes in the Overworld if a pig is struck by lightning. They attack in packs, so if you hit one with others around, the others will join in to help fight the player. They tend to be very fast, so running away will not help the player's case. The pack will continue to attack the player until they have killed you or you have killed them. Regardless where you go, even if you leave the Nether, Pigmen will continue to attack once you enter their area.


When killed, Zombie Pigmen drop 0-2 rotten flesh,  0-1 gold nuggets. Their rare drops are 0-1 gold ingots and 0-1 pieces of golden armor.


  • They normally attack in packs of 2-4.
  • They are hard to kill and dish out real damage, especially in groups.
  • They are immune to Fire and Lava.
  • A rare drop for zombie pigmen are a gold ingot, a Golden Sword, or gold armor.
  • If a pig is struck by lightning in the Overworld it will become a zombie pigman. This is an extremely rare event.
  • In the PC, there are baby zombie pigman. These are the "patrol" of the group and are more threatening.
  • Pigman move approximately 1.5 times faster than the player.